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This book is a practical and detailed guide on how to perform a range of surgical techniques for facial bone contouring. Based on the clinical experiences gained by the authors while carrying out more than 10, facial bone surgeries at their clinical institute in Seoul, Korea, each procedure is meticulously described and illustrated, step by step. Importantly, careful attention is paid to the impact of ethnic differences on surgical technique and goals, drawing on lessons learned during the treatment of patients from approximately 30 countries.

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Electronic address: tslee99 daum. Since the introduction of facial bone contouring surgery for cosmetic purposes, various surgical methods have been used to improve the aesthetics of facial contours. In general, by standardizing the surgical techniques, it is possible to decrease complication rates and achieve more predictable surgical outcomes, thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

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Your face matters. It is important to see a surgical specialist who has spent years of education, training, and sub-specialty training in the field of facial surgery. Ort, a board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeon, holds exceptional qualifications and unique surgical expertise in both the cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face.

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A well-shaped facial contour and ratio play important roles in providing beautiful facial features; they also are unignorable components of a perfect facial sculpture. However, in Asians, prominent cheekbones and wide jaws are common facial characteristics, which may reduce the visual sense brought by facial features such as the eyes and nose or make the temples and cheeks look more sunken; even worse, in some cases, these characteristics may lead to the loss of feminine features because of a severe square-shaped face, which cannot be alternatively improved by other plastic surgeries. Accordingly, patients with a big or wide face need to consider facial bone reduction or other relevant bone reduction procedures to achieve a well-proportioned oval or slim face. In medicine, there are several important reference points for a standard facial ratio that must be considered before facial bone changes.

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Your face holds the cue to the person inside you. Your facial bone structure plays a big role on deciding how people see you and perceive you. If it ever seems to you that your face structure doesnt fit in perfectly to what you desire, you can alter it.

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Scientists are using the engineering technology behind the creation of high-performance aircraft components to design 3-D models for the replacement of delicate and complex facial bones lost to cancer surgery or trauma. The researchers, combining engineering and plastic surgery expertise, have used a computational technique called topological optimization to design an experimental 3-D structure that can withstand the forces of chewing, facilitate speaking and swallowing, and replace large portions of the facial skeleton. The work is focused on the center of the face, home to the most complicated bony structures in the human head.

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Skeletal contouring is a cosmetic surgery that is often performed for purely preferential reasons, but may also be performed as a means of reconstructive surgery. Skeletal contouring is a surgical process in which surgeons can alter the shape of the body — usually the face — by manipulating the shape of the underlying bone structure, either through grafting to increase size and volume or by shaving to remove size and volume. Skeletal contouring is not a new procedure and is often one of the elements involved in common procedures like rhinoplastycheek and chin implants and jaw reshaping.

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Contact Us Fractures of the bones of the face, especially the jaw, are very common injuries. Facial fractures are typically caused by direct force to the bone. Signs and symptoms will depend on the bone that is fractured.

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The maxilla is the bone that forms your upper jaw. The right and left halves of the maxilla are irregularly shaped bones that fuse together in the middle of the skull, below the nose, in an area known as the intermaxillary suture. The maxilla is a major bone of the face.

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Using engineering design methods, researchers model custom bone replacement implants for facial reconstruction surgery. Using topology optimization, researchers design a facial bone replacement for a gunshot victim. They begin with a model of the patient, then concentrate on the injury area. The replacement is designed by a series of algorithms as constraints are added, such as spaces for sinus cavities and blood vessels, among others.