Heterosexual women and lesbian sex experiments

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In her weekly column, she gives Complex readers insight into what today's young women really think about love, sex, and relationships. As kids growing up with all those crappy teen movies, we were conditioned into thinking that girl-on-girl action is just an added bonus of going to college. Unlike dudes, who tend to get completely ostracized or assumed gay from such behavior, we women are applauded and encouraged to experiment with other females.

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Situational sexual behavior differs from that which the person normally exhibits, due to a social environment that in some way permits, encourages, or compels the behavior in question. This can also include situations where a person's usual sexual behavior may not be possible, so rather than not engaging in sexual activity at all, they may engage in different sexual behaviors. One example of situational sexual behavior includes when people might not have sex with prostitutes in their home countries, but may do so when they visit other countries, where such activities are legal or ignored by authorities.

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Meredith Chivers is a creator of bonobo pornography. The bonobo film was part of a series of related experiments she has carried out over the past several years. She showed the short movie to men and women, straight and gay.

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Throughout this week, the Cut explores college life, from politics and identity to parties, sex, and style. Here are 15 men and women whose college experiences took them away from heterosexuality and sometimes back again. Some names and identifying information have been changed.

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Ever since Madonna planted that wet kiss on Britney Spears in front of millions of television viewers at the MTV Video Music Awardswomen have been loosening up sexually with other women. These so-called flexisexuals say that although they are not gay or even bisexual, they enjoy flirting and kissing girls -- but they still enjoy having sex with men. One female senior at Hofstra University in New York said she is apt to turn to women when she's had too much to drink.

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M y technique when interviewing celebrities about their lives used to involve questions beginning with: "As a lesbian, I Now that I identify as a Kinsey 4my approach is slightly more tortuous the question is more likely to begin: "As a lesbian who's now shagging a gay guy …" but it's increasingly rare that you'll meet a cool straight girl who'll admit to being completely straight. I was on a panel in Soho last week co-sponsored by Women in Journalism and the lesbian magazine Diva to debate "Lesbophobia in the Media".

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Bisexuality may be having a moment. According to certain studies, less than half of today's teens say they're straight, and a third identify as bi. For many women, stigma, stereotypes, and occasionally inaccurate media representation can make coming out as bi or even just admitting it to yourself difficult to navigate.

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There's no shame in watching porn, right? Seriously, lots of women do it. Surprising, right?

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It started with a caseload of 30 women and by the end of two years had jumped to HIV positive lesbians. Other studies have shown that there is reason to believe lesbians may be at a higher risk than the CDC is willing to admit. All rights Reserved.


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