Sewing threads are looping on bottom

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The money keeps the website afloat and is earned at no additional cost to you. When your sewing machine is in motion, the top thread will sometimes shift out of place and cause a problem with the thread tension. Or, you could have gotten too confident and missed an important step when threading up your machine.

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This book is a brilliant reference guide not just for fashion designers but also for home stitchers covering sewing tools, materials, construction techniques, hems and seams. When sewing fabrics together problems can occur when the thread tension is not correct, the needle or bobbin is not inserted properly, or the machine is not threaded correctly. A correct thread tension looks smooth and flat on both sides of the seam.

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A bird's nest of loopy, tangled bobbin thread on the bottom side of your sewing is one of the most common sewing machine problems that can quickly derail any sewing project you're working on. Most people immediately blame the bobbin but most of the time it has nothing to do with the bobbin and you aren't going to need a repair person to fix the problem. If bobbin thread is smoothly and evenly wound on the bobbin, the bobbin is not the culprit.

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Please login or register. Read more here. No folder. Why is my machine doing this?

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Once and a while, the sewing machine stitches will have errors. It can do irregular stitches, not to stitch at all or simply just cause stitching problems. In this article, we will Cover some of the most common problems with stitches and we would also list the solution for the problems.

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Stitches that have a small loop protruding on the top or bottom of the fabric often are caused by incorrect tension settings or a tiny burr on the hook. The hook is located at the back of or under the bobbin case. Another cause would be the bobbin case has been hit by the needle and is damaged.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We talk a lot about tension settings and tension adjustments on machines.

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Learn how to use the tension devices on your sewing machine and how to thread for proper tension. All machines have basically the four tension devices shown: thread guides, tension discs, tension regulator for upper thread, and bobbin-case spring for bobbin thread. These ensure that the same amount of thread flows simultaneously from the needle and the bobbin, producing a symmetrical stitch.

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Thread looping on the underside of the fabric is always an indication that the upper thread is not correctly threaded. This happens when the upper thread is not correctly placed in the tension mechanism and has not been threaded through the take-up lever. To resolve this, rethread the machine, making sure to first raise the presser foot lifter and raise the needle to its highest position, so that the thread can be properly seated in the tension mechanism and take up lever.


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