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The last time Mr. Diddy, Nelly and a marching band. After some raunchy rap-rock from a flag-draped Kid Rock, Ms.

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The halftime festivities were also interrupted by a streaker who, unlike Janet Jackson, did not have his less-than-fully-clothed image beamed into living rooms by CBS. The picture does show a homeless encampment in California, not too far from San Francisco. Right-leaning websites seized upon unconfirmed details supposedly taken from the script of "The Hunt.

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Well, we can hardly either! And because Justin is returning to the big show inwe're taking it all the way back to and reliving the moment as it happened, picture by picture. Janet kicked off the performance, singing "Rhythm Nation" solo, before Justin joined her on stage with "Rock Your Body.

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All in nine-sixteenths of a second. Originally, Timberlake was only supposed to tear off the external part of the bustier, revealing a red lace garment underneath on Jackson, who turns 53 today. But with the rip, both pieces accidentally came off. Almost all the blame fell on Jackson: Timberlake was invited to perform again at the Super Bowl, this time solo, inwhile no such offer has been extended to Jackson.

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A decade ago this week, 90 million people glimpsed a teensy bit more of Janet Jackson than they were expecting. Daytime soap operas toned down steamier storylines as producers were replaced and FCC commissioners called for a reevaluation of their standards. But Jackson and Timberlake also changed how the country experiences live television events like the Super Bowl itself.

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Michael Schneider. Justin Timberlake once brought sexy back. And not acknowledging Jackson or what happened seems particularly tone-deaf in a year of TimesUp.

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Adam Levine performed shirtless during the halftime show at the Super Bowl on Sunday night, prompting this Jewish publication to ask — how many rabbis are going to use this image as the introductory anecdote for their sermons this Shabbat? During their performance, the frontman of pop band Maroon Five peeled off his skintight tanktop and tossed it into the crowd, revealing an abdomen so inked up it looks like a wall parents let their kids draw before a kitchen remodel. Then-CBS head Les Moonves who has since lost his career over decades of sexual misconduct allegations personally tried to destroy Jackson.

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This week's Super Bowl is the tenth anniversary of the legendary "wardrobe malfunction" that exposed Janet Jackson's right nipple to the world. The story carries implications far beyond the Super Bowl. ESPN's Marin Cogan wrote a long, complex retrospective on the subject, featuring interviews from producers and candid insights from then-FCC chairman Michael Powell, and you should really go read it. But I've highlighted some of the Big Questions here, if you're in a hurry.

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The year-old is headlining the Super Bowl half-time show on 4 February, and of course talk has turned to the last time JT had the honour of playing the show. What do you want me to say? You know, to be quite honest I had my wires crossed.

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It was … whatever … with the bulk of social media and postshow reviews reiterating the glaring double standard of Levine, a heavily tattooed man, being able to waltz away from his premeditated striptease while Janet Jackson, whose breast was accidentally exposed during her halftime show with Justin Timberlake, faced substantial blacklisting and career damage as a result of hers. And viewers agreed! First, please bask in the glory of viewers being very unaroused by Levine in general:.


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