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There was a long interview and retrospective, mostly by Jane Pauley. Millions tune in nightly to watch Letterman and others blaspheme our precious Savior. Kimmel and the others are late night hosts, so they know how to play straight man and be gracious when needed.

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Witty Letterman grilled Paris with questions about her stint in jail, and she was soon left uncharacteristically speechless during her guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Hilton, who served 23 days in prison for driving on a suspended license, was definitely not amused when she found herself the butt of Letterman's jokes when she appeared on his show. Letterman, bombarded her with questions about her time in jail instead of asking her about her new fragrance.

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This is our first video call, so you can see this episode on YouTube also! Which one swore like a sailor? Weens details her latest dating adventure and we try to figure out what this particular guy was thinking. Always a good time!

Paper Source, the national chain of stationary shops and high-end craft suppliers, sells a white card with red and blue lettering by the company Farewell Paperie. When Poehler was pregnant with her first child, she memorably said, "I don't care if it's a girl or a boy, I want it to marry Alice Richmond, Tina's daughter. The year bond between Fey and Poehler is one of the most celebrated friendships in pop-culture history.

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By Shyam Dodge. Once Silverman sat down Letterman exclaimed without prompting: 'You play a whore! Scroll down for video

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Remember when Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel were a thing? Yeah, so does she. When the late-night host reminded his former girlfriend that he and McNearney — who have two children — have been together for five years, she just shrugged it off.

For almost 20 years now, Sarah Silverman has been a shining blue beacon of amusing yet slightly alarming remarks about race, sex, politics, and weed. My first year of doing it, I was in college. I went to one year of college. I would work from 4 p.


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