Tips for thumb drive

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Find out how versatile your thumbdrive is with these 10 little-known uses and tricks. Your trusty USB flash drive is much more versatile than you might realize, packing capabilities that go well beyond storing and transferring files. These little-known tricks can be utilized by computer newbies and technogeeks alike to achieve anything from restoring a virus-ridden computer to launching and playing portable apps right from the drive.

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The flash drive has become an essential computer accessory. Basic care can prolong its life span, and it must be protected to avoid unnecessary expense in the retrieval of files in the event that it crashes. How do I back up the files on the flash drive that I use at the library?

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You probably regard USB storage devices as a consumable because they are cheap these days, but with all the vital data you store on them, you might reconsider your attitude and take steps to prolong the life of a storage device instead. Here are some tips on how to have them longer. I do take care of them but very often something bad happens to them!

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A lot of environmental factors could potentially affect your flash drive. Protect USB flash drives by being aware of said factors and their effects on your drive. Slamming, dropping, or smashing your flash drive can lead to physical damage.

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Tech News Entertainment. DIY Entertainment. Technology Explained.

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Yes, we all know now the "floppy disks for life plan" was a bad idea. Burning CDs to make documents portable isn't always convenient, and accessing a network server isn't always possible. But there is an easy way to put a gigabyte or two in your pocket.

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Whether you are planning to purchase a new USB flash drive or are just looking to upgrade, a few pointers can make the buying process a little simpler. When deciding which size USB flash drive to buy, it is best to go bigger than you think you'll need. You'll never regret having too much space on a USB flash drive. While price increases with capacity, you pay less to jump from 8GB to 16GB, for example, than you pay if you have to buy a second 8GB drive down the line.

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What can you do with a few gigabytes and a USB port? Quite a lot, with the right software. Learn how to encrypt your work, run whole systems, rescue Windows, and customize your thumb drive with these USB-geared tricks.

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In the business of data recovery, we come across very many broken flash drives, and in most cases, the damage was well avoidable. This is why we think it is worth writing about, even though the points will appear to be rather obvious. In addition, proper handling will ensure that the natural life of your flash drive extends for as long as possible. There are cases where users of broken flash drives come to recover data from flash drivesclaiming that they used it, left it plugged into the computer and working fine only to return and find that the computer could no longer recognize the device.


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